Mentor Handbook 2022-2023

The Wicomico Mentoring Project

WELCOME TO THE WICOMICO MENTORING PROJECT! Thank you for your interest in being a mentor for one or more Wicomico County Public Schools students! Your time and your dedication will mean so much to the students! What is The Wicomico Mentoring Project? The Wicomico Mentoring Project (WMP) is a school-based program where adults come into our public schools during the school day and meet with students. During this time mentors assist students with homework, encourage the students, play games, and build relationships. The mentor works with the students to help improve academics, attitude, self-esteem and overall value of self. WMP is a community-wide effort that includes:  Individuals!  Businesses!  Agencies!  Civic and Faith Groups! Mentoring impacts you because it…  Allows you to give back!  Helps improve self-worth!  Improves personal satisfaction!  Improves listening and leadership skills! CONTACT US! Wicomico Mentoring Project 2424 Northgate Drive Salisbury, MD 21802-1538 (410)677-5266 Key Contacts Linda Mullen James Hesen Tamyra Foreman Find us online at →Select School System →Select Student Services →Select Wicomico Mentoring Project If you have any questions or concerns, please...

History Established in 1994, the Wicomico Mentoring Project (WMP) is part of the Student and Family Services Team of the Wicomico County Public Schools. WMP builds foundations for relationships between caring adults and students of the Wicomico County Public School System. Through mentoring, we strive to promote positive role modeling and offer social, emotional and academic support to our students. Mission Our mission is to come together as a community to create a lasting impact on the lives of our students. We believe that through mentoring we can give our students encouragement, guidance, and hope even in their hardest moments. Vision Our vision includes creating an ongoing effect throughout our communities by building up leaders who will go on to make a difference in the future. Our students are our future and it is up to us to show them all they are capable of doing and being. Expectations and Rules  Commit to meeting with your mentee at least one hour a week – consistency is key.  Let a coordinator know if you cannot make your scheduled time to meet with your mentee.  All contact with mentee is restricted to school grounds.  Be a role model.  Confidentiality: Is an ethical concept that implies an explicit promise to reveal nothing about a student except under conditions agreed to by the student. Confidentiality can be waived when the student consents to the disclosure of information, when the student has disclosed a significant part of the information to a third party and when certain circumstances occur: 1. Duty to warn: You are obligated to notify the school principal and/or guidance counselor when a student threatens violence to another person. 2. Threats of Suicide: You are obligated to notify the school principal and/or guidance counselor when a student threatens violence to themselves. 3. Suspected/Reported Child Abuse/Neglect: As a mentor with the Wicomico County Public Schools, you are required to make a report to the Wicomico County Department of Social Services or law enforcement if a child discloses abuse or neglect to you or if you have concerns that a child is being abused or neglected. To make a report during normal business hours, please call 1-800-917-7383. After hours or weekends, please call the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Department at 410-548-4891. A mentor… Is… Is not… *A friend *Santa Claus *A guide *A disciplinarian *A listener *Financial support *A resource *A peer *An advocate *A therapist *A coach *A teacher *A positive role model *A parent *A self-esteem builder

Why become a mentor? Research shows that through the positive effects of mentoring, children tend to:  Have a better attitude towards school!  Develop higher levels of confidence and selfesteem!  Improve their relationships with teachers, parents and their peers!  Achieve higher grades in social science, languages and math!  Be less likely to skip class!  Find it easier to express their feelings and emotions!  Be less likely than their peers to experiment with drugs and alcohol, as well as less likely to participate in gangs and criminal activities! Tips on How to be a Good Mentor  Approach each mentorship differently.  Set realistic expectations together in the very beginning – talk about what the mentee is expecting from your time together.  Take genuine interest in your mentee.  Improve emotional intelligence – pay attention to your mentees body language and facial expressions and become familiar with them.  Don’t assume anything about your mentee – do not fall into any type of stereotyping.  Celebrate your mentees achievements.  Be a friend -you are not a parent, teacher, or counselor.  Have fun.  Be patient – setbacks will happen.  Be positive.  Listen intently. À la carte Mentoring Mentoring One-On-One Spend one hour per week with a student in the classroom or a designated area in the school. As a mentor, you will spend time encouraging the student for continued success in school or spend time to let the student talk about events in their life. Small Group Mentoring Group mentoring affords the WMP the opportunity to extend its mentoring efforts and reach more students in a time-efficient manner. It solves the dilemma of mentoring many students when there are not enough mentors in our community to make one-to-one mentoring matches. Breakfast Mentoring The NFL PLAY 60 campaign is designed to tackle childhood obesity by getting kids active through in-school, afterschool, and team-based programs. We need you to encourage our students to eat healthy and nutritious meals starting with breakfast. Come into the school and eat a healthy breakfast with your mentee. the school and eat a healthy breakfast wit your mentee.theschool and eat a healthy breakfast with your mentee. Lunch Mentoring We need you to encourage our students to eat healthy and nutritious meals at lunch time. Come into the school and eat a healthy lunch with your mentee. Maryland Business Roundtable Your experiences, advice and expertise are just what teenagers want and need to inform their decisions. Ignite their imaginations and inspire them to pursue and achieve their goals. BigBrother/BigSisters If you want to become a mentor outside of our school hours, please let us know and we will make a referral to the BB/BS program.

School Coordinators Contact Info 2023-2024 Beaver Run Elementary Amanda Chaffee 410-677-5101 Bennett Middle School Michelle Drummond 410-677-5140 Chipman Elementary Shaquia Johnson 410-677-5814 Choices Academy Bonnie Johnson 410-677-5220 Delmar Elementary Sharon Jones 410-677-5178 East Salisbury Elementary Jeremi Sterling 410-677-5803 Evening High School Samantha Pilchard 410-677-4537 Fruitland Intermediate Tori Sample 410-677-5805 Fruitland Primary Mallory Wainwright 410-677-5171 Glen Avenue Elementary Kyle Beebe 410-677-5806 James M. Bennett High Hope Bowers 410-677-5141 Mardela Middle/High Lisa Armstrong 410-677-5142 North Salisbury Elementary Dr. Roxie Dennis 410-677-5807 Northwestern Elementary Melba Miller 410-677-5808 Parkside High School Joan Sprankle 410-677-5143 Pemberton Elementary Darius Tillman/Shonda Bell 410-677-5809 Pinehurst Elementary Erika Schlorb 410-677-5810 Pittsville Elem/Middle Kate Rebman 410-677-5811 Prince Street Elementary Elizabeth Bacon/Bryonna Wilson 410-677-5813 Salisbury Middle Shanita Harvey 410-677-5149 West Salisbury Elementary Candace Nutter 410-677-5816 Westside Intermediate Sabrina Colborn 410-677-5118 Westside Primary Erica Henkel 410-677-5117 Wicomico Middle School David Thompson 410-677-5145 Wicomico High School Scott Taylor 410-677-5146 Willards Elementary Shashanna Reed 410-677-5819